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Looking for the most unique gift?




We craft the perfect adventure for you

We take you to places you would otherwise never see, using our side-by-side vehicles to discover untamed natural playgrounds. We look after the little details, so you can focus on riding, living in the moment and enjoying an exclusive adventure alongside just the people you want to be there.

We create once in a lifetime experiences with short escapes in the breathtaking Australian bush. Dates and length of your trip are flexible; our experience designers will hand craft the perfect journey for you – whatever that may be. From a relaxed adventure tour to explore and connect with nature, to experiences that will get your adrenaline pumping, you can look forward to getting to ride and our professional guides will tailor the intensity of the tour to you and your chosen travelling companions.

You choose, we design, you experience


Because this adventure is just for you and the people you choose to travel with, it will be designed the way you want it. There are no compromises, just countless options to take your journey to the next level. We’ll take care of everything. All you need is your hiking shoes and your spirit of adventure.


Trust us, you’ve never done anything like this before. The untamed natural background of this adventure will inspire new emotions from within. It will be something special for both your heart and mind to take in.


We don’t just craft your perfect adventure, we craft perfect moments and memories – and ensure you can live in the moment and truly enjoy them. We take care of every single details so you can focus on your experience and create memories that last.

What customers are saying

We have everything we need.
The only thing missing is you.

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