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Your adventure will take you to the most remote places, giving you a new understanding of the true beauty of this world. While our rides do have an impact on the environment, we are committed to offset that impact and make sure that we do not distress the land or harm any wildlife beyond what is strictly necessary for our operation.


Furthermore, on all tours, Outdoor Experience Factory follows strict minimal impact procedures to ensure. Our guides will educate all guests on our principles and encourage everyone to respect their environment – even taking some key messages home into their everyday life.


At a minimum, all our tours will follow the 7 Leave No Trace Principles, as outlined by Leave No Trace Australia, to ensure we have no lasting impact on the environment.


Each meal has been thoughtfully-developed to taste great, provide maximum nutrition all while minimising wastage. Our policy is to avoid the use of single-use plastics. We use durable containers, refillable bottles and source our food without plastic packaging. Any waste generated on the adventure is carefully sorted to maximise recycling, minimise landfill and encourage composting where possible.

We use the highest quality gear to give you the best experience and to maximise longevity in the wilderness. We also have a range of hire gear available, so you don’t have to buy new yourself.

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