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This website is operated by Outdoor Experience Factory Pty Ltd ABN 68 646 318 149


Your booking becomes valid after Outdoor Experience Factory has received your deposit, as specified, and you have received a confirmation email from us. A person making a group booking is presumed to have the authority from other group members to act on their behalf. We reserve the right to refuse a booking based on the information revealed to us.



All prices include GST and are in Australia dollars (AUD$). If a booking is made more than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled trip date, a deposit of 30% per person is required to reserve a place, with the balance payable no less than sixty (60) days before the departure date. For reservations made thirty (30) days or less from the departure date, full payment must be made at the time of booking.


Adventure Guides

Our guides are experienced mature people who take their responsibilities seriously. They are responsible for all aspects of the adventure including group safety, enjoyment and satisfactory operation of the adventure. They have authority to do whatever is necessary to achieve these objectives, including not permitting you or a group member to ride side-by-side vehicles or to participate in specific walks, if they deem it necessary for the safety of the group overall. You agree to abide by the guides’ decisions.


Your Responsibility

It is mandatory that all customers must read, write and understand English to be eligible to participate in our tours. It is your responsibility to read the Outdoor Experience Factory’s offers thoroughly and to choose an adventure within your abilities. 


You must be fit enough to ride or sit as a passenger, several hours per day. The route could include rough tracks, rivers, climbs, heavy rain, strong winds, and/or high or low temperatures. A car driver’s licence is mandatory to be able to ride side-by-side vehicles. Customers are not allowed to be under the influence of DRUGS or ALCOHOL at any time while on Outdoor Experience Factory vehicles. 

It is also your responsibility to bring suitable clothing & footwear and tell us of any relevant medical conditions or special diet requirements at the time of booking. 

Before the adventure starts, our guide will provide a safety briefing, as well as a riding initiation which are mandatory for all participants. When the adventure starts, your responsibility is to follow the lead of the guide at all times. It is your responsibility to behave sensibly and not take risks.

If you are over 80 years of age, we request that you provide us with a note from your doctor to say that you are fit enough to undertake the activities you are booking with us. 

Minimum Age Requirement

18 years old for drivers, 8 years old for kids. The requirements are that the rider's feet must reach the floor of the side-by-side vehicle and the kid's arm extension must easily reach the handlebars.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations initiated by the participant, to Outdoor Experience Factory, must be received in writing, and will be subject to the following cancellation fees, according to the following schedule. These fees will be applied on a per person basis, and effective on the date we receive your written notice. 


  • Cancellation notice prior to 60 days before the adventure start date, will receive their deposit as a credit to be used towards future adventures with Outdoor Experience Factory. The credit expires 3 years from the date of issue.  


  • Cancellation notice between 60 and 30 days days before the adventure start date, will forfeit their deposit as a cancellation fee. The balance will be held on file as a credit, to be used towards future adventures and services with Outdoor Experience Factory. The credit expires 3 years from the date of issue.


  • Cancellation notice 30 days or less prior to the adventure start date, will forfeit the full amount as a cancellation fee.  

There will be no refunds provided for any reason for unused portions of an adventure once the trip begins. The trip price is a package cost and refunds / credits are not available for any services not used.


There are no exceptions to this cancellation and refund policy, including reasons related to weather, terrorism, civil strife, personal, family or medical emergencies or any other circumstances beyond our control. For this and other reasons, we encourage you to purchase trip cancellation and interruption insurance and travel protection (i.e., travel medical insurance and emergency evacuation services).


Outdoor Experience Factory is not responsible for expenses incurred by participants in preparing for a trip (e.g. non-refundable airfares, equipment purchases, etc.) or for any additional arrangements pre- or post-departure date. This term applies whether the adventure is altered, modified, or cancelled by you or by Outdoor Experience Factory for any reason. 


Alteration of Trip

Outdoor Experience Factory reserves the right to alter trip itineraries at any time to ensure safety requirements or satisfactory operations of adventures. Reasons could include, but are not limited to weather, riding track, park access or closures, change of suppliers etc that are necessary for the adventure to operate.


Cancellation from Outdoor Experience Factory

If we must cancel an adventure before it has started, for any reason other than Force Majeure, we will offer you the choice of either:

  • transferring to a different date or

  • accepting a full refund 


Force Majeure:  If Outdoor Experience Factory determines, in its sole discretion, that it must change or cancel before or during an adventure because of an act of God or other political, social, environmental events like natural or man-made disasters, bushfires, earthquakes, pandemics, floods, terrorism, civil or political upheaval, wars, strikes, riots, weather events, or any other condition beyond its control (force majeure), Outdoor Experience Factory may suspend its performance and in such a case, the Refund/Cancellation Policy does not apply and no refunds or credits will be granted (unless as determined, in Outdoor Experience Factory’s sole discretion).


Additional costs or damages:  In any case, if we alter an adventure, regardless of whether or not we issue a refund, Outdoor Experience Factory is not responsible for any costs (such as, but not limited to any indirect, consequential, incidental or other costs/damages) incurred by you or others in your booking party, including non-refundable airline tickets or airfare change fees.

Liability (applicable to all adventures booked on or after January 1st, 2022)

The driver of the vehicle is responsible for controlling their vehicle in a safe manner.  Outdoor Experience Factory provides customers the opportunity to purchase insurance cover for an additional $50 which covers VEHICLE DAMAGE* for the first $2500 caused by the customer. By signing the waiver prior to tour, you agree that your Credit Card details will be used to recover any amount over $2500 required to repair the damaged equipment.

Please respect the guide and the directions given on tour. You are responsible for the vehicle you are riding.

Defining "Normal Wear and Tear"

Because of the nature of the activities offered by OEF, the vehicles will be subject to some level of acceptable damages which OEF considers as "normal wear and tear". In the context of the activities offered by OEF, "normal wear and tear" is defined as:

"Normal wear and tear is the expected decline in the condition of the vehicle due to normal  use. It is deterioration that occurs in the course of your participation in OEF's adventure while remaining within the limits prescribed by OEF and not caused by abuse, neglect or recklessness."

Based on the above definition, scratches and dents (no longer/bigger than 6cm in length or diameter) that occur as part of normal operation and not caused by abuse, neglect or recklessness will be considered as "normal wear and tear".

Defining "Vehicle Damage"

Damage is not naturally occurring. It is harm that affects the value, usefulness or normal function of the vehicle. This damage can be committed on purpose or through neglect. Examples of damage might include:

  • Front and/or rear bumper damage

  • Broken headlights 

  • Fenders and collisions

  • Grille damage

  • Wheels damage

Before getting in the vehicle for the first ride, the customer should perform a thorough inspection and note down any damages present on the vehicle just like he / she would do when renting a car. 


If you are unsure about our terms and conditions or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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